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Kenny Slaught on the History of Arts, Architecture and Urban Design

Renowned for his contributions to the society and interest in American history of arts and urban design, California-based entrepreneur Kenny Slaught accepts the impact of perfect architectural trends and backdrops on Santa-Barbara’s recent construction industry. While Slaught highlights the Spanish influenced buildings and…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Santa Barbara’s Role In California’s Spanish Architecture

Architect George Washington Smith launched the California trend known as the Spanish Colonial revival nearly 100 years ago. Smith was a person who left Harvard to eventually work as a bond trader. Once Smith became a wealthy businessman, he relocated to Santa Barbara…


Kenny Slaught On Rich History Of Santa Barbara Downtown

Known for promoting American arts and urban design, California-based entrepreneur Kenny Slaught understands the impact of impeccable architectural trends and traditions within Santa-Barbara’s construction scene. The Spanish inspired construction, notes Slaught, and the carefully designed archways and structures stretch throughout this small coastal…


Santa Barbara Vibrant And Thriving, Says Kenny Slaught

Santa Barbara, also referred to as the American Riviera, holds internationally regard for its desirable Mediterranean climate, dramatic mountain backdrops, and stunning coastlines. The vibrant, friendly neighborhoods and generous citizens who  makeup this iconic city are often overlooked, according to local real estate ,…