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Kenny Slaught Blogs About Santa Barbara’s Role In California’s Spanish Architecture

Architect George Washington Smith launched the California trend known as the Spanish Colonial revival nearly 100 years ago. Smith was a person who left Harvard to eventually work as a bond trader. Once Smith became a wealthy businessman, he relocated to Santa Barbara…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Rich History Of Santa Barbara Downtown

Known for promoting American arts and urban design, California-based entrepreneur Kenny Slaught understands the impact of impeccable architectural trends and traditions within Santa-Barbara’s construction scene. The Spanish inspired construction, notes Slaught, and the carefully designed archways and structures stretch throughout this small coastal…


Kenny Slaught States How Santa Barbara Is Vibrant And Thriving

Santa Barbara, also referred to as the American Riviera, holds internationally regard for its desirable Mediterranean climate, dramatic mountain backdrops, and stunning coastlines. The vibrant, friendly neighborhoods and generous citizens who  makeup this iconic city are often overlooked, according to local real estate ,…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Positive Effects Of 2012 JOBS Act

California’s crowdfunding or person-to-person lending campaigns rose after the adoption of the Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act in 2012, which openly democratized the ways, in which sponsors raise funds for real estate acquisitions and development. The new regulation permits the previously forbidden…


Kenny Slaught Shares Thoughts On Using Crowdfunding Sites For Investment Campaigns

Kenny Slaught explains that platforms providing numerous online collaborations along with workflow automation are increasing in popularity, largely due to their ability to allow prompt access to accurate and consolidated data flows. New intuitive software and mobile applications, says the owner of one…


Kenny Slaught Diiscusses Groundbreaking Advancements In Real Estate Technology

As modern technology increases in its impact on all spheres of human life, Santa Barbara businessman, Kenny Slaught, acknowledges the role of groundbreaking advancements in the property development market. As he emphasizes that technological achievements have putt America’s real estate industry into the…


Kenny Slaught Shows Support Of Gates Foundation GCE Grant Program

Kenny Slaught has stated that Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) funds people globally to explore ideas that can grow how humanity approaches persistent humanity’s health and development challenges. GCE is a $100 million campaign funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and kicked…


Kenny Slaught Discusses UCSB Health Research Initiatives

Amidst the increasing worldwide recognition of research and technology’s role in improving worldwide health care and human wellbeing, California-based real estate investor, Kenny Slaught, supports the practice of scientific innovations in solving international development needs. The holder of a degree in business and…


Kenny Slaught Shows Support Of Girls Rock Santa Barbara Program

Back in 2015, the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation provided support for the Girls Rock Santa Barbara initiative. Understanding that music is a means to empower young girls, Kenny Slaught believes this organization creates a supportive environment to foster the development of self-confidence and…


Kenny Slaught Raising Awareness On Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation

The Santa Barbara Bowl, a high-capacity outdoor music venue, aims to keep the arts accessible to the larger community with a number of educational outreach initiatives. Annually, the foundation funds programs that reach nearly 20,000 students through non-profit arts programs and regional artists,…