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Kenneth Slaught Comments On Tech Developments In Real Estate

As technological developments revolutionize America’s real estate industry, the property management sector continues to become more efficient and profitable. Platforms offering numerous online collaborations and workflow automation are increasing in popularity, in large part due to their important ability to offer prompt access…


Kenny Slaught on the Usage Trends of Energy Generated By Hoover Dam

The engines room in the internal part of the dam is fixed with 17 generators that make all the energy, where 16 of them are huge generators while two littler ones work as one generator. The littler ones are used to direct hydroelectric…


Kenny Slaught Celebrates Continued Success Of Hoover Dam

The landmark structure was built during the American Great Depression period, between 1931 and 1936, costing the government $49 million dollars. The dam was initially named Boulder Dam, but was later switched to Hoover Dam in honor of the then-President Herbert Hoover, who…


Hoover Dam, A Great Project that Provides Immense Water and Hydroelectric Energy – Kenny Slaught

Situated on the border right in the middle of the states of Arizona and Nevada, in the United States, Hoover Dam is an astounding project designed to provide water and hydroelectric energy to a significant chunk of the area by using the great…


Architectural Landmarks of Santa Barbara – Kenny Slaught

The hundred-year-old Hotel Virginia, El Pueblo Viejo district in the historic hub and the two pink towers of the Old Mission, which is the popular venue of retreats and celebrations, are some of the most architectural landmarks in Santa Barbara. The radiantly colored…