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Kenny Slaught – Regulations Affecting Current Real Estate Values

Due to the lack of land in favorable locations, California ended up in the current situation. In Los Angeles and San Francisco, prices for undeveloped land are too high, and delays often happen according to Kenny Slaught. This encouraged for renovations instead, as…


Kenny Slaught Stands Through Variances In Housing Market For Long Term Success

Kenny Slaught, founder of Investec Real Estate Companies, led his real estate company and development company through numerous market cycles. With over 3 decades of experience in the field, Slaught experience unpredictable variance and bested trends. Being well aware of the development market…


Kenny Slaught Uses Blog To Offer Support Of Gates Foundation GCE Grant Program

The Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) awards individuals who want to make a change regarding the global health and development issues. The campaign was started in 2008 by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, has a $100 million value and was awarded to 1,186…