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Kenny Slaught Notes Benefits Of On-Campus Support Groups

Kenny Slaught stands by Hospice of Santa Barbara as they build an active presence at local school campuses of all levels, from elementary school to college. Volunteers visit these campuses and organize weekly support meetings for students who have been through traumatic or…


Kenny Slaught Notes Benefits Of Charitable Initiatives He Supports

California-based real estate investor Kenny Slaught has been establishing a lifelong commitment to contributing to the communities where his business functions. In keeping a beneficial corporate social responsibility mission, he has stood as a long-time advocate of ‘The Youth Bereavement Program’ at Hospice…


Kenny Slaught Notes Significance Of Support Services In Santa Barbara

“When children lose a loved one, it can feel like their lives will never be the same again. Their grief may seem insurmountable,” Kenny Slaught explains. To counter this impression, the I Have a Friend mentor program pairs kids and adolescents suffering this…


Kenny Slaught Notes Importance Of HSB Program

Research shows that unprocessed grief among children and teenagers can have a detrimental impact on their functioning and personality. When these young people have not grown the coping skills they need to handle grief, violence, drugs, or alcohol may come into play. I…