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Kenny Slaught Discusses Great Career Opportunities And Training Programs in Santa Barbara

A range of professional growth opportunities and skill development programs, meant for those who aren’t following college courses but in place are learning something new, are offered by Santa Barbara City College, as commented by Kenny Slaught, a successful property investor and businessperson,…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Regulations Affecting Current Real Estate Values

Other factors influencing today’s situation that are particularly Californian in nature can be traced back to a general scarcity of land in desirable locations. Undeveloped land costs are prohibitively high, especially within the Los Angeles and San Francisco areas. Kenny Slaught points to…


Kenny Slaught Provides Insight In Housing Market For Long Term Success

Founding principal along with president of Investec Real Estate Companies Kenny Slaught has assuredly guided his investment, management, and development firm through years of market cycles with consistent success. As a key player in the Southern California residential, commercial and industrial property markets…


Kenny Slaught Discuss Santa Barbara And The Growth Of Non-Profit Companies

The third main influence of Santa Barbara’s excellent community is a widespread promise to charity by the county’s civic leaders, entrepreneurs and residents as per Kenny Slaught. The city’s robust tradition of nonprofit activity and substantial giving is appreciated today through numerous charities,…


Kenny Slaught States Santa Barbara City Planners Preserves The Historical Charm Of Southern California

Santa Barbara, largely known as the American Riviera, is looked up for its magnificent Mediterranean climate, incredible mountain settings, and dazzling shorelines. Yet, this city isn’t known nearly as well, for its dynamic neighborhoods and pleasant citizens, as per the local real estate…


Kenny Slaught Discuss Impacts of 2012 JOBS Act

New software and mobile applications, Kenny Slaught is convinced, give investors and builders a greater selection of lending and borrowing opportunities across a variety of real estate asset classes and geographies. The Golden State’s crowdfunding, or peer-to-peer lending, emerged after the adoption of…


Kenny Slaught Comments On Real Estate Sector And Crowdfunding

Technology is revolutionizing America’s real estate industry, helping property management become more efficient and profitable, as platforms that offer numerous online collaborations and even workflow automation are increasing in popularity. This is in large part due to their ability to provide prompt access…


Kenny Slaught Discuss Santa Barbara Architecture Today

Renowned architect George Washington Smith launched the California movement known as the Spanish Colonial revival nearly 100 years ago. Smith was a person who left Harvard to eventually work as a bond trader. Once Smith became a wealthy businessman, he relocated to Santa…


Kenny Slaught Work Hard To Celebrate California Architecture

As Santa Barbara continues as a world famous tourist destination, the coastal California town north of Los Angeles is comprised of beautiful buildings with a rich history. From Spanish style homes to intricately crafted archways and structures, the city was crafted with the…


Kenny Slaught Comments On The Importance Of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead For Californians

The ground-breaking dam built during the American Great Depression period first came to life between 1931 and 1936, costing Americans $49 million dollars. The project was originally named Boulder Dam, but was later transformed as Hoover Dam in honor of then-President Herbert Hoover,…