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Kenny Slaught Discusses Benefits Of On-Campus Support Groups

Kenny Slaught supports the Hospice of Santa Barbara as it creates a strong presence in local schools, from elementary school and up to college. Groups go to the schools and organize meetings with students who deal with traumas and need a safe space…


Kenny Slaught Shares Important Pieces Of Santa Barbara Architecture

Santa Barbara has a beautiful weather, gorgeous landscapes and a rich architecture, all of which turned it into an attractive tourist destination. The city’s architecture stems from the Spanish colonization era and is different than other American areas. Santa Barbara’s architectural roots have…


Kenny Slaught Shows Pride To Serve For UCSB Foundation

On May 26, 2016, the University of California Santa Barbara awarded the Grand Challenges Explorations grant to the UCSB Foundation. Avid supporter and member Kenny Slaught celebrated the event by posting about it on his blog at Read more:   The…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Impacts of 2012 JOBS Act

Kenny Slaught explains that the new intuitive programs and mobile apps give developers and builders access to more properties in various areas. California’s crowdfunding campaigns became popular after the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act was established. The act made it legal…


Kenny Slaught Comments On Santa Barbara’s Role In California’s Spanish Architecture

The Spanish Colonial revival movement was developed 100 years ago in California by architect George Washington Smith. He dropped out of Harvard to work in bond trading, and moved to Santa Barbara later to relax. After noticing locals loved his work, he continued…


Slaught Discusses Hospice Of Santa Barbara Leading Way On PTSD

“The professionals at Hospice of Santa Barbara strive to provide the highest level of service to clients by offering effective, cutting-edge therapies,” Kenny Slaught writes, recognizing the work of the organization. “Dealing with grief and loss is extremely difficult, but a new therapy…


Kenny Slaught On Santa Barbara Architecture Today

Architect George Washington Smith developed the Spanish Colonial revival style nearly a century ago in California. Smith dropped out of Harvard to work in business, and moved to Santa Barbara after becoming successful. Initially planning to retire, the architect changed his mind when…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Santa Barbara Bowl Supports Girls Rock Program

In 2015, the Girls Rock Santa Barbara was sponsored by the Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation. Kenny Slaught knows that music boosts girl’s self confidence, who get empowered while attending the organization’s programs. The teens attend workshops, perform live, and receive music classes. They…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Santa Barbara And The Growth Of Non-Profit Companies

Santa Barbara’s civic leaders and local business owners show a strong commitment to various charities. This makes a third main reason for its community to be so close, says Kenny Slaught. The city’s numerous nonprofits keep the tradition that started in 1928, when…


Kenny Slaught Proud Of Historical Skyline In Santa Barbara

Passionate about his devotion to American history regarding arts and design, California-based entrepreneur Kenny Slaught recognizes the impact of today’s architectural trends and traditions on Santa-Barbara’s construction industry. As Slaught describes the Spanish inspired buildings and intricate archways and structures stretched along this…