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Kenny Slaught Confident In California As Tech Dominates Real Estate Investments

Despite having only a few years in the market, crowdfunding portals have over 150 startups grow rapidly nationwide, specializing in real estate. Nearly 7% of today’s U.S population is an accredited investor. In highly urban areas like Southern California, this number reaches 20%.…


Kenny Slaught Offers Real Estate Investment Advice

Technological development has been revolutionizing America’s real estate industry, increasing the efficiency and profitability of the property management sector. These days, platforms offer numerous online collaborations and –most importantly –workflow automation and are increasing in popularity in large because they provide prompt access…


Kenny Slaught – Discusses the Brilliant Displays of Architecture in Santa Barbara

Real Estate Investor Kenny Slaught discusses some of the most famous Santa Barbara architectural pieces, which include the centuries old Hotel Virginia, El Pueblo Viejo district in historic downtown and the two pink towers of the Old Mission. In addition, the brightly colored…


Kenny Slaught – Discusses the Architectural Integrity Found in Santa Barbara

As a passionate Santa Barbara real estate visionary, Kenny Slaught, provides insight into how the architectural integrity was upheld in Santa Barbara throughout the years. One of the reasons Santa Barbara may be a world famous tourist destination could be due in part…