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Kenny Slaught Notes Significance Of Support Services In Santa Barbara

Kenny Slaught recognizes that a child might feel overwhelmed with grief after losing a loved one, since it can forever change their life. To help with healing, the I Have a Friend program was started. The program pairs kids with a trained mentor…


Kenny Slaught Supports the Girls Rock Santa Barbara Program

The Santa Barbara Bowl Foundation funded the Girls Rock Santa Barbara program in 2015. Believing that music inspires young girls, Kenny Slaught notes that the organization enables young people to develop self confidence and be more creative. When engaged in the program, the…


Kenny Slaught On Rich History Of Santa Barbara Downtown

Kenny Slaught, based in California, recognizes the impact that current architecture trends have over Santa Barbara’s buildings. On his blog at, he mentions how the Spanish design of the buildings evolved from the government smoothing out uncontrolled housing growth over the past…


Kenny Slaught On Groundbreaking Advancements In Real Estate Technology

As innovations had an impact on every industry, California based property investor Kenny Slaught highlights the role of modern technologies in the real estate market. He talks about these developments playing an important role in the growth of America’s property management sector, making…