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Hoover Dam, A Great Project that Provides Immense Water and Hydroelectric Energy – Kenny Slaught

Hoover Dam provides water and hydroelectric energy to the region where its located, between Arizona and Nevada. The large project uses the Colorado River power resources, and positively impacted the lives of the residents.  Property investor, based in California Kenny Slaught, believes the…


Kenny Slaught Notes Hospice Of Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief Services Program Benefitting Community

Real estate Kenny Slaught supports Hospice of Santa Barbara’s counseling programs. He promotes Hospice of Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief Services initiative, and highlights the importance of social support for individuals who experienced loss. Slaught discusses his views on his blog at  Read…


Kenny Slaught On Santa Barbara’s Role In California’s Spanish Architecture

About 100 years ago, the Spanish Colonial Revival movement was started by architect George Washington Smith. Smith became a successful businessman after leaving Harvard, and later on relocated to Santa Barbara. Although he had planned to retire, the success of his designs made…


Kenny Slaught Continues Work To Celebrate California Architecture

Santa Barbara, a well known tourist destination situated north of Los Angeles, is full of gorgeous structures with a rich history. Out of a need to limit uncontrolled housing growth, the government decided on an attractive Spanish architecture style. Santa Barbara real estate…


Kenny Slaught On Current Programming At Hospice Of Santa Barbara

The Hospice of Santa Barbara’s numerous programs support terminally ill patients and their families. These programs are aimed at children who recently lost a parent. About one in 20 individuals have a parent die in their childhood, while 20 percent lose a loved…