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Kenny Slaught Notes Santa Barbara’s Unique Skyline

The United States adopted the Spanish Colonial trend in the mid-twentieth century. The process took the Spanish Colonial architecture into urban areas that were first Spanish provinces and afterward they wound up as American. A noteworthy segment of this structural style remains in…


Kenny Slaught On Important Pieces Of Santa Barbara Architecture

Santa Barbara’s status as a vacation spot attracting thousands of visitors every year is true. Mostly known for delightful weather, picturesque landscapes and particularly for its impressive buildings. Santa Barbara strays from conventional American architecture as its origins have emerged from the Spanish…


Kenny Slaught On Santa Barbara’s Role In California’s Spanish Architecture

Architect George Washington Smith launched the California trend known as the Spanish Colonial revival nearly 100 years ago. Smith was a person who left Harvard to eventually work as a bond trader. Once Smith became a wealthy businessman, he relocated to Santa Barbara…


Kenny Slaught Stands Through Variances In Housing Market For Long Term Success

Kenny Slaught, Investec Real Estate Companies CEO, led his real estate company through many unexpected changes over the years. As a Southern California resident since birth and with a 30-year experience in the industry, he overcame unexpected variance and bested trends. He discusses…


Kenny Slaught Comments On Santa Barbara’s Role In California’s Spanish Architecture

About a century ago, architect  George Washington Smith started the Spanish Colonial Revival style in California. Smith left Harvard and became a businessman, moving to Santa Barbara after achieving success. Although he planned on focusing on his hobbies, he continued creating structures for the…


Kenny Slaught Comments On Hospice Of Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief Services Program Benefiting Community

Kenny Slaught, property , promotes the therapy programs at Hospice of Santa Barbara. He showcases how important social support is for those who lost a family member by advertising the Anticipatory Grief Services initiative.    Read more:     The Council on…


Kenny Slaught Shows His Support For Hospice Of Santa Barbara

When a person suffers from a terminal or chronic illness, their families also suffer and need support. The Hospice Of Santa Barbara has programs that focus on the needs of children as well, especially around the time of death of a loved one.…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Santa Barbara Vibrant And Thriving Architecure

Santa Barbara, also referred to as the American Riviera, holds internationally regard for its desirable Mediterranean climate, dramatic mountain backdrops, and stunning coastlines. The vibrant, friendly neighborhoods and generous citizens who  makeup this iconic city are often overlooked, according to local real estate ,…


Kenny Slaught Answers The Curiosity Of Architecture Enthusiasts

Santa Barbara attracts an overwhelming number of tourists every year because of its charming weather, astounding landscapes and mostly for its rich architectural legacy. Santa Barbara’s constriction designs don’t display the similarity of the normal American architecture because its roots developed from the…


Kenny Slaught Shares Hoover Dam Powering American Communities

Located on the border of the US states of Arizona and Nevada, the Hoover Dam is an impeccable structure designed to give water and hydroelectric power to a significant part of that area, taking advantage of the Colorado River. Santa Barbara-based property and…