The engines room in the internal part of the dam is fixed with 17 generators that make all the energy, where 16 of them are huge generators while two littler ones work as one generator. The littler ones are used to direct hydroelectric energy to neighborhoods in the enveloping areas. Kenny Slaught remarks that the energy produced using the dam is sent to 15 territories. The highest users of energy in the zone are – Southern California consumes up to 28% of Hoover Dam’s energy, trailed by the State of Nevada with 23% and the State of Arizona with 18% of usage volume. The dam moreover appropriates energy to Native American tribes living in the area. Additionally, 90% Las Vegas’ water starts from Hoover Dam. The lake formed in the dam is known as Lake Mead. At its highest water volume level, it could be the greatest water reservoir in the United States. The United States Bureau of Reclamation manages the Hoover Dam and is popularly known as the most pleasing must-go spots to visit in the nation.

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