Kenny Slaught, a passionate Santa Barbara real estate visionary, provides insight into how the architectural integrity was upheld in Santa Barbara throughout the years. One of the reasons Santa Barbara may be a world famous tourist destination could be due in part to the abundance of beautiful buildings found there. Across the city, you can find Spanish inspired homes to intricately adorned archways and structures that give it a majestic charm. Slaught discusses how Santa Barbara was developed with the intention of an appealing design that would limit uncontrolled growth. Maintaining the natural charm of this region was intentional and as early as 1925, city planners enacted development controls to thwart demotion of Spanish Colonial architecture. The community was the first in the United States to proactively think about the importance of historic buildings. Controls were put in place and guidelines were designed to preserve unique structures and park spaces. Finally in 1960 Santa Barbara, went as far as executing laws to protect its historic landmarks.


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