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Kenny Slaught Talks About The Four Goals Of The Campaign

The renovations will last for 6 years, during which the museum will still be open to visitors. The 4 main goals of the project are improving the museum experience, increasing community space, enhancing gallery space and making important upgrades. Kenny Slaught revealed that…


Kenny Slaught Notes Hospice Of Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief Services Program Benefiting Community

Real estate expert Kenny Slaught supports Hospice of Santa Barbara’s initiatives of helping those less fortunate. In this way, they can lead more fulfilling lives by practicing self love. He promotes Hospice of Santa Barbara’s Anticipatory Grief Services program and highlights how crucial…


Kenny Slaught – Studying Network Support Is Worth Everyone’s Time

Santa Barbara City College was acclaimed for how it trains network professionals. Kenny Slaught says that those who attend the program will find it worthy of their time. Network engineers manage their company’s computer network and create the best connectivity and data management…


Kenny Slaught On The Distinctive Characteristics Of Santa Barbara’s Architectural Style

In the early 1900s, the Spanish Revival architecture style was started in US. It redesigned American cities that used to be Spanish colonies, and was adopted by Santa Barbara after the 1925 earthquake. The style is often encountered in California, and architect George…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Real Estate Sector And Crowdfunding

The real estate sector in US was modernized by technology, which made it more structured and lucrative. Sites that provide many online collaborations as well as workflow automation are becoming more well known. This is mostly due to their ability of providing concise…


Kenny Slaught Discusses Hospice Programming Beneficial For Those Suffering Loss

Those who struggle with terminal illness and their families receive help at the Hospice of Santa Barbara. Numerous of its counseling services address children who are faced with the death of a family member. One in 20 kids loses a loved one before…


Kenny Slaught Notes Benefits Of On-Campus Support Groups

Kenny Slaught supports the Hospice of Santa Barbara as it creates a strong presence in local schools, from elementary school and up to college. Groups go to the schools and organize meetings with students who deal with traumas and need a safe space…


Kenny Slaught On Important Pieces Of Santa Barbara Architecture

Santa Barbara has a beautiful weather, gorgeous landscapes and a rich architecture, all of which turned it into an attractive tourist destination. The city’s architecture stems from the Spanish colonization era and is different than other American areas. Santa Barbara’s architectural roots have…


Kenny Slaught Proud To Serve For UCSB Foundation

On May 26, 2016, the University of California Santa Barbara awarded the Grand Challenges Explorations grant to the UCSB Foundation. Avid supporter and member Kenny Slaught celebrated the event by posting about it on his blog at Read more:


Kenny Slaught – Shares Impacts of 2012 JOBS Act

Kenny Slaught explains that the new intuitive programs and mobile apps give developers and builders access to more properties in various areas. California’s crowdfunding campaigns became popular after the 2012 Jumpstart Our Business Startup (JOBS) Act was established. The act made it legal…