Santa Barbara, largely known as the American Riviera, is looked up for its magnificent Mediterranean climate, incredible mountain settings, and dazzling shorelines. Yet, this city isn’t known nearly as well, for its dynamic neighborhoods and pleasant citizens, as per the local real estate , Kenny Slaught. The Investec CEO thinks that solid history, a developing small business sector, and devoted nonprofit organizations play big roles in creating these excellent communities. As early as 1925, Santa Barbara city planners, realizing the inherent allure of Southern California, set up legislation to protect Spanish Colonial architecture, and the city became the first public in the United States to reflect on the positive impact of antique buildings. The County Courthouse, the most usual central spot for visiting tourists, is enriched with brightly colored tiles and murals that display major scenes from the city’s history. A church that has been operative for over two centuries, The Old Mission, also called the “Queen of Missions,” gives a great view into the formation of the New World through guided tours and a massive museum.

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