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Kenny Slaught Discusses Application Process For Gates Foundation GCE Grant Program

According to Kenny Slaught, the Grand Challenges Explorations (GCE) funds individuals globally to explore ideas that can revolutionize how the humanity approaches persistent global health and development challenges. GCE is a $100 million initiative funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and…


Ken Slaught Continutes Support For Hospice Of Santa Barbara

Hospice of Santa Barbara provides a wide range of support not just to individuals facing terminal and chronic illness, but to their families as well. Many of the Hospice’s programs focus on the needs of children as they work through the impending or…


Kenny Slaught Notes Santa Barbara’s Unique Skyline

The United States adopted the Spanish Colonial trend in the mid-twentieth century. The process took the Spanish Colonial architecture into urban areas that were first Spanish provinces and afterward they wound up as American. A noteworthy segment of this structural style remains in…


Kenny Slaught On Important Pieces Of Santa Barbara Architecture

Santa Barbara’s status as a vacation spot attracting thousands of visitors every year is true. Mostly known for delightful weather, picturesque landscapes and particularly for its impressive buildings. Santa Barbara strays from conventional American architecture as its origins have emerged from the Spanish…


Kenny Slaught On Santa Barbara’s Role In California’s Spanish Architecture

Architect George Washington Smith launched the California trend known as the Spanish Colonial revival nearly 100 years ago. Smith was a person who left Harvard to eventually work as a bond trader. Once Smith became a wealthy businessman, he relocated to Santa Barbara…